Chang-Guen Oh

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The aviation and aerospacearetypical areas that can apply big data systems due to theirscales. This paper identifies aviation/aerospaceareas that canutilize big data infrastructures to enhance their operational performances, and lightens human factors considerations related to the use of big data. The NextGen’s network-centric infrastructure defines sharing a huge amount of aeronautics, flight, and weather dataunder the system wide information management program. Sensors installed on aircraft components extract huge numbers of aircraft health and operational status data.All professionals who work in the different aviation sectorsrequire this shared situational awareness information for their own distinctive purposes, and big data systems will enable the effective use of the information. The improved prediction modelby the big data analytics will improve aviation safety, reduce flight delays, and save the time and cost for maintenance. The pilot behavior research can adopt the naturalistic study method to supplement limitations of simulation test. The naturalistic flying study needs to consider collecting and analyzing data through big data systems.Human factors research questionsnaturally arise asaviation/aerospacefieldsapply big data systemspervasively