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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has long been concerned with the impact of fatigue in Air Traffic Operations. Fatigue has been cited as a factor in operational incidents. The shift work and quick turn-around shifts contribute to this problem. In conjunction with the collective bargaining agreement, FAA management and the National Air Traffic Association (NATCA) agreed to jointly develop a series of interventions designed to mitigate some of the aspects of fatigue in the controller workforce. This resulted in a Fatigue Group comprised of FAA management, NATCA representatives, and fatigue scientists. Following 15 work-intensive meetings, the Fatigue Risk Management Group produced 12 fatigue mitigation recommendations. This Fatigue Risk Management Group also supported research conducted by NASA for ATC. The ATC research focused on two components, a fatigue survey of the ATC workforce and a field study with participant volunteers using wrist activity monitors. This research supported the 12fatigue mitigation recommendations. To date, all recommendations have been fully or partially implemented.