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We investigated integrating Conflict Probe (CP) on air traffic controllers’ Radar Side (R-Side) displays. Eight controllers worked realistic, high-trafficsimulation scenarios alone, using both R-Side and Radar Associate Side (RA-Side) displays. We manipulated CP presence on the R-Side— like today,italways appeared on the RA-Side—and the presence of yellow alerts for near-conflicts. We used established controller performance and workload metrics, plus novel operational analyses not used in past studies. R-Side CP had few workload effects, but increased voice communications when we included yellow alerts. It improved the efficiency of correcting conflict-inducing clearances, and seemed to facilitate proactive control to avertmore urgent alerts. Though our simulated CP was less reliable than the current operational version, it showed evidence of benefiting performance and acceptance. Participants commented that R-Side yellow alerts were desirable in moderation. Future research should assess the appropriate alerting criterion.