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Sixteen students, who began with 0-20 flight hours, enrolled in an intensive, simulator based, collegiate training program. They completed their training with fewer flight hours than the US average: FAA Private Pilot within 4-6 weeks; instrument ratings in 3-4 weeks; Commercial within an average of 20 weeks and CFI ratings in an average of 40 weeks and all graduated with Bachelor’s degrees (ISAP, 2013). The students had met selection criteria. At the time, indicators of success included variables associatedwith simulator based training, camaraderie, shared learning and opportunities to reflect on training. Four years later, 81% are now flying professionally: eight as flight instructors, four as first officer airline pilots, one commercial pilot, and three employed elsewhere in the aviation industry. This qualitative follow-up study suggests that initial, rapid learning was neither shallow nor short-lived. Most are still friends. They became active alumni and mentors for incoming flight students.