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The field of cognitive/knowledge engineering (CE/KE) has expanded to encompassa subset called knowledge management (KM).The main difference between KM and KE isthat the knowledge manager establishes the direction the process should take, whereas the knowledge engineer develops the means to accomplish that direction. Cognitive Ergonomics, also a discipline within CE/KE, deals with decision-making, skilled performance(s) and trainingwith a focus onthe fit between human cognitive abilities/limitations and selected task(s)... all areasvital to aviation. This paper will briefly showthe components and processes of anew model for decision-making usingall these disciplines andPareto analysis in a blended Delphi, beginning with a small group delphi (SGDP) addning in estimate-talk-estimate (ETE) techniques and ending in a real time Delphi (RTD). This paper will outline how this new paradigm canbe used on a current aviation issue;showing a blueprint/framework for the actual process of the paradigm.