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In remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operations, operator cognitive workload is an important concern. High workload couldresult in performance decrements and operational mishaps. In research, physiological data can beused by models to assess the operator’s cognitive state. When a model detects the onset of cognitive overload, assistance could thenbe provided to the operator to help mitigate the overload in some form of augmentation. However, it is imperative that the assessment is accurate and completed in a timely manner. The accuracy of a workload assessment model and augmentation application canbe evaluated using a psychometrically determined scale of man/machine conditions. Both the operator and machine can be in various conditions at any point in time.In three prior studies, eighteen participants were asked to perform pair-wise rankings of sixteen conditions to generate therankings. These rankings will be used to evaluate the accuracy ofthe workload assessment model in future research.