Shakarparian is known for its scenic beauty and wilderness and has a significant recreational value. It is a part of Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP), Islamabad and can be a good recourse to conduct various environmental studies. This study was aimed to explore the overall biodiversity of Shakarparian forest in terms of flora and its associated fauna. Phytosociological survey was carried out in order to identify the existing plant communities. The plant associations were then correlated to the existing fauna of the area. The results will provide the baseline data to support further studies on biodiversity analysis of ecologically rich natural recourse base of our country. A total of 155 Animal species have been observed in the study area. Out of these species 23 species of Mammals, 104 of Birds, 22 of Reptiles and 6 species of Amphibians have been recorded. The dominating plant species of the zone are Cassia fistula, Carrisa apeca, and Lantana camara.