The inventory of the carabid family at two forest sites in the Belezma national park namely an oak grove site and a cedar site during a period ranging from May 2017 to April 2018, has shown the counting of 27 taxa that have been inventoried by Barber pitfall traps. The results showed that the Quercus ilex site has slightly more species (25 species) compared to the Cedrus atlantica one (23 species). However, the Harpalinae subfamily is quantitatively the better one represented at both sites. The Shannon and Simpson indices report slightly higher figures in the Cedrus atlantica site with respectively (2.38) and (0.87), which explains the higher Jaccard index of similarity (78 %). The boxplot analysis of the two sites shows better representation in the Cedrus atlantica site although there are more outliers in the Quercus ilex site.

Article History

Received: Aug 02, 2022; Accepted: Dec 24, 2022; Published: March 30, 2023