Many plant essential oil, extracts and phytochemicals are known to possess toxic activity against Drosophila melanogaster. In the current work, the effect of aqueous leaves, flowers and seeds extracts of Peganum harmala on the fruit fly mortality and larval development were determined. The seeds extract was the most effective; 100 % of mortality was recorded for the highest concentrations (200 and 300 μg/ml) with lethal time values (LT50 and LT50) reached 3.72 to 4.47 and 6.61 to 8.51 days, respectively. In the other hand, the 15-day lethal concentrations, LC50 and LC90, were determined to be 61.66 μg/ml and 100 μg/ml. Moreover, the use of the leaves extract significantly increased the mortality (71.1 %) and minimum mortality (12.5 %) was recorded with flowers extract. All extracts affected the final number of individuals per stage causing an elongation of metamorphosis. The growth-inhibiting effect is dose-dependent as expressed by significantly FNO that is always negative for the treated series. The T50 values of pupation and adult emergence were observed on the 3rd to 8th days and 12th to 11th days in application groups with leaves and flowers extracts, comparing to only 02 and 07 days in control. In addition, severe morphological malformations and anomalies in different organs of the three stages were recorded.

Article History

Received: Aug 18, 2022; Accepted: Nov 27, 2022; Published: March 30, 2023