In world, contaminants and microbes are considered as serious problem in house water supplies as well as in aquatic environment for life. As a result, different countries are working to set level of these contaminants and microbes in domestic supply of water and in aquatic environment. In addition to these scientists are also working on reliable sampling and then their suitable analysis method for accuracy. It is also very important to improve and give justification for analytical techniques used in laboratories, which enable us to monitor level of various contaminants in aquatic environment. In this review, we have focused on quantitative value of limit detection and satisfactory accuracy level for different water contaminants detected by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). The correlation (r) value between detection limit and various ELISA techniques is 0.16 and their regression (R2) value is 0.027. While, r value for antibody and contaminants in relation to limit detection is 0.081 and -0.046 and their R2 value is 0.15 and 0.015. Similarly, analysis was also performed to check relationship of satisfactory accuracy level with techniques, antibodies and contaminants and their values for r is -0.032, -0.032 and 0.064. Value of R for satisfactory accuracy level in relation to techniques, antibodies and contaminants is 0.72, 0.072 and 0.150. Obtained results allow us to check and to set the level of contaminants in house supply water samples. We should work to set standard level of these contaminants for drinking and house supplier water and then published according to WHO requirements for healthy life.

Article History

Received: Feb 03, 2023; Accepted: Mar 04, 2023; Published: Sep 30, 2023