The study was conducted to illuminate the phenotypic, morphometric, and productive characteristics of the Azikheli buffalo breed. One thousand two hundred pure Azikheli buffaloes (male: female) were randomly selected from the main hub of the Azikheli buffalo breed in Swat (Azikhel). The data were analyzed for comparison and frequency distribution. Phenotypic characteristic of the female buffalo shows that more than 73 % of the body color was golden yellowish. In contrast, in males, this value was 83 %, followed by white-albino and grayish colors. The shape of horns were semi sickle and grayish in color. Morphometric parameters of the breed indicated that the average body weight of female and male buffaloes was 480 ± 20 kg and 422 ± 20 kg, body length 131.3 ± 2.5 cm vs. 121.4 ± 1.3, height at withers 127.48 ± 0.5 cm vs. 124.9 ± 0.4 cm and heart girth 185.8 ± 3 cm vs. 172.5 ± 2 cm. The male is slightly narrow, and more compact in body structure than the female. Average daily milk production was 7.80 liters with a range of 5-16 liters/day. The milk fats % was very high compared to other local buffalo breeds and ranges from 6.5 to 9.70 g/100 g and make the milk selling at a high rate in the swat local market ranges from 250-270 Pakistani rupees/liter compared to other buffalo milk (200-220 Pakistani rupees). It may be concluded that the Azikheli buffalo is an asset for the people of northern Pakistan, providing livelihood support through the sale of milk and animals. The farmer income may be further enhanced through good feeding practices.

Article History

Received: June 20, 2023; Accepted: Oct 14, 2023; Published: Dec 27, 2023