The aim of the current study was to compare the histological observations of stems, leaves, and different secretory structures of Thymus ciliatus at three phenological stages. The anatomical observations of stems, leaves, and glandular trichomes were carried out by light microscopy. The results showed that phenological stages do not affect significantly the anatomical, whereas there was a significant increase in secretory trichomes. The glandular trichomes are distributed on the surface of the stems and the leaves. There are only two distinct types of secretory trichomes, Peltate consisting of a basal cell, a stalk cell, and an 8-celled head type, which are distributed more diffusely on the leaf than on the stem, while capitate trichomes were present only on the surface stem samples. Accumulation of essential oils varies according to the seasons with high sizes of trichomes secretory at the flowering period.

Article History

Received: Jul 11, 2023; Accepted: Nov 13, 2023; Published: Dec 29, 2023