In this research, we aimed to explore the insecticidal potential of Alternaria alternata, an endophytic fungus derived from the leaves of castor oil plant. To test its insecticidal efficacy, various doses of A. alternata mycoextract were administered to Locusta migratoria L. through both topical and oral pathways. The findings revealed that the insects displayed the highest susceptibility to a concentration of 2 g/L, leading to an impressive mortality rate of 87.5 % and 93.75 % for topical and oral administrations, in the same order. The extract displayed remarkable insecticidal properties, demonstrating LC50 values of 1.09 g/L for the topical treatment and 1.129 g/L for the oral treatment. Moreover, the average survival times (LT50) for the insects were found to be 5.392 days and 6.867 days when subjected to the topical and oral treatments, respectively. The initial chemical investigation of the mycoextract unveiled the existence of different key metabolites responsible for the observed activities. Additionally, FTIR-ATR analysis indicated the presence of different groups in the mycoextract. Moreover, the GC-MS analysis identified multiple volatile insecticidal compounds in the fungal extract.

Article History

Received: Jul 25, 2023; Accepted: Oct 16, 2023; Published: Dec 29, 2023