The study was conducted in Lal Suhanra National Park, Bahawalpur, in June 2021. This study aimed to explore the food habits and dry matter intake of reintroduced blackbuck in Lal Suhanra. The critical methods employed in this study were the direct observation of food, bite rate, and fecal output of blackbuck aided with binoculars (8 × 50). A total of 3840 bites in the RD 65 enclosure and 3929 edges in the RD 65 enclosure were recorded, accounting for the average bite rates of 43.5 bites/min in RD 25 and 44.03 bites/min in RD 65. The average dry weight of the bite was 0.067 g in the enclosure RD 25 and 0.081g in RD 65. Total dry matter intake for an adult blackbuck was 1.07 kg/day in RD 25 and 1.09 kg/day in RD 65. The average daily defecation rate was 7.34 times and 7.89 times in both enclosures. Daily fecal output in average dry weight was 362g for RD 25 and 340 g for RD 65. Dry matter digestibility was, on average, 66.32 % for RD 25 and 68.97 % for RD 65. The blackbuck at RD 65 are more healthy, with a high birth rate and less mortality. The blackbuck preferred 8 plant species and 10 plant species for feeding at RD 25 and RD 65 respectively. For their long-term survival in LSNP, control of diseases, cultivation of seasonal food, plantation of edible plants, habitat extension, and proper management should be considered.

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Received: Sep 03, 2023; Accepted: Sep 8, 2023; Published: Dec 31, 2023

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