In Pakistan, Nili Ravi buffalo is highly valued breed due to its high milk yield. Native to Punjab province, the breed is now extensively distributed throughout the country. To assess and optimize the conservation strategies for Nili Ravi buffaloes in southern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by evaluating their phenotypic, morphometric, productive, and reproductive characteristics. Buffaloes were maintained at Livestock Research and Development Station in Paharpur, Dera Ismail Khan from 2010-2023, under breed conservation program. A sum of 298 records Nili Ravi buffaloes were used for the investigation. The research examined physical attributes such as coat color, horn morphology, and other qualitative characteristics. In addition to body weight, body length, withers height, chest circumference, and hip breadth, morphometric measurements were recorded. Mean body weight of Nili Ravi buffaloes was recorded was 677 + 213 Kg, produced 1387.12 + 32.87 liters milk during their lactation period of 292.87 + 32.40 days that was substantially impacted by year (p < 0.05) and calving season. Calving interval was 480.18 + 22.09 days, whereas parity year and calving season bear considerable (p < 0.05) impact on their characteristic. Dry period was 181.2 + 18.01 days. This research aided in the development of conservation and enhancement strategies for Nili Ravi buffalo in the region. Nili Ravi buffaloes in the region have excellent milk yield but the study disclosed morphometric variations within the breed, demonstrating the need for targeted breeding and management practices.

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Received: May 08, 2023; Accepted: Sep 29, 2023; Published: Dec 26, 2023

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