Urbanization is a global phenomenon with profound implications for both physical and social landscapes and plays a noteworthy role in the progression and advancement of human civilizations. Urbanization influences and changes the social, economic, political, and traditionalorganization of a society. This paper examines the process and consequences of urbanization in the Jammu province of J&K India, focusing on its physical transformation and social dynamics. This study employs a descriptive research approach to investigate the multifaceted aspects of urbanization by synthesizing data from various sources, including demographic surveys, interviews, and spatial analysis. The study showed that Jammu province is gradually proceeding towards urbanization but many problems are surfaced in terms of both environmental and social perspectives such as environmental Pollution, destruction of habitat, loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, flash floods, random housing provisions, poverty, social unrest, criminality, joblessness, inadequate drainage, drug abuse, jumble lifestyle and culture etc. To keep away from the harmful effects of urbanization on the environment and social setup, there is a need for a planned and managed development that must be environmentally sustainable, economically, and socially beneficial.

Article History

Received: Feb 16, 2024; Accepted: Jun 13, 2024; Published: Jun 30, 2024