Male toxicology in terms of histopathology of testes, histometery of seminiferous tubules and various spermatic cells against short-term hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) exposure & their ameliorations upon post treatment of Morus nigra fruit pulp extract (MnFPE) were studied. There were 3 groups of animals named as 1. Control (C) group: received free normal drinking water for 15 days; 2. Chromium (Cr VI) group: received hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) in drinking water for 10 days; 3. Chromium+Morus nigra (Cr VI+Mn) group: received Cr(VI) in drinking water for 10 days; additionally received 0.2mL MnFPE twice a day for next 5 days. The whole study duration was 15 days and animals of all groups were dissected at day 16th. Histopathological results shows drastic pathological changes in testicular tissue on chromium Cr(VI) exposure group like necrosis of interstitial tissues, ruptured seminiferous tubules, scattered spermatogonia and dislodged spermatogenic cells, increased number of clubs headed sperms and lack of tail in dislodged parrot beak headed spermatozoa in Cr(VI) treated group. Most of these pathological signs were recovered effectively in Cr(VI)+Mn group. Histometeric results give a strong evidence for the above mentioned histological results. Most of these micrometric alterations were found in Cr(VI) group were addressed properly in Cr(VI)+Mn group. These findings suggest that MnFPE has got curative properties against short-term hexavalent chromium Cr(VI) exposure.

Article History

Received: Dec 06, 2023; Accepted: Jun 11, 2024; Published: Jun 30, 2024