The objective of this research aimed to design, modify and develop a manually operated cost effective pineapple peeling and coring machine with a reduced time of operation, easy to operate and maintain. The material of construction is stainless steel. The designed pineapple peeling and coring machine has two cylindrical cutting blades which simultaneously removes pineapple skin and core. Other components included; spring coring plate, core remover, and spring loaded handle. The peeling operation includes; cutting of crown and bottom of pineapple with a knife, placing pineapple on coring plate and applying pressure to spring loaded handle downward over the pineapple to operate cylindrical cutting blades, which removes skin and core. The data collected from machine evaluation was subjected to a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) test and means were separated using least significant difference (LSD) with sixteen samples of smooth leaf (cayenne) pineapple Specie used. The performance of pineapple peeling machine is primary founded on the peeling efficiency of the machine which is an arrangement between high cutting efficiency of peeling machine, weight of peel and core of pineapple, which is total weight removed and the time taken to peel. The result shows that the highest and most efficiency peeling time of pineapple by the machine was recorded at 11 seconds with 94.1 % efficiency, yielding a machine capacity of 327.6 Kg /hr. Hence the pineapple peeling machine can effectively peel pineapples. For more machine efficiency cutting blade should be adjustable.

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Received: Jun 17, 2023; Accepted: Apr 05, 2024; Published: Jun 30, 2024

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