A field study conducted during the 2021-22 season aimed to assess the impact of varying nitrogen levels (0, 50, 100, and 150 kg N ha-1) on the wheat genotypes Faisalabad-2008 and AZRC-Dera. Detailed data on growth and yield parameters were collected and subjected to analysis. AZRC-Dera exhibited superior performance, consistently producing more plants throughout the crop growth. Incremental nitrogen application significantly increased plant number 224.2, 304.2 and 305.9 m-2 on 15th of December, 20th of January and 5th of April. AZRC-Dera, coupled with 150 kg ha-1 nitrogen, showed a discernible increase in both tiller (532.1) and fertile tiller (508.4) numbers. Additionally, this cultivar AZRC-Dera displayed elevated grain and straw yields (4.98 and 9.42 Mg ha-1) compared to Faisalabad-2008 (4.52 and 8.71 Mg ha-1). In summary, each incremental addition of nitrogen fertilizer demonstrated a positive response, enhancing the growth and productivity of wheat cultivars, with AZRC-Dera exhibiting notable superiority in various parameters. The stagnancy in the yield of crops is one of the notable challenges of today’s agriculture that can be tackled by enhancing crop productivity through a multidisciplinary approach of genetic and nutritional improvement.

Article History

Received: Mar 27, 2024; Accepted: Apr 25, 2024; Published: Jun 30, 2024