The present study was conducted at the Kitchen Gardening Training Centre, Faisalabad, Pakistan to evaluate the effect of the plant growth regulators Naphthalene Acetic Acid (NAA) and Benzylaminopurine (BAP), on the growth and yield of organic spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) in kitchen gardening. Different combinations and concentrations of NAA and BAP were tested to evaluate different vegetative parameters. The data were recorded at 40 and 60 days after sowing (DAS). Maximum plant height at 40 DAS was recorded for the combined effect of NAA and BAP at a concentration of 1000 μM (each), while BAP alone at 100 μM concentration showed maximum plant height at 60 DAS. Maximum number of leaves was shown by NAA (10 μM) both at 40 and 60 DAS. Increase in leaf length was observed for NAA (10 μM) and BAP (100 μM) both at 40 and 60 DAS. Significant increases in root length were recorded where maximum root length was in plots treated with BAP (1000 μM) applied 40 DAS while the mixture of BAP (10 μM) and NAA (10000 μM) induced significant increases in root length when applied 60 DAS. Maximum fresh weight of shoot was observed for NAA (1000 μM) and BAP (1000 μM) while maximum shoot dry weight was observed in plots treated with NAA and BAP at a concentration of (1000 μM) each. Similarly, a significant effect of plant growth regulators was observed on root dry weight where highest dry weight was noted in the plants treated with NAA at the rate of 1000 μM.