Himalayan grey goral (HGG: Naemorhedus goral bedfordi) is endemic to Himalyas and regarded as Endangered/ Threatened. Study was designed to collect information on population biology, habitat, food and behaviour of population of HGG distributed in Pakistan, trying to understand its present status and conservational potentials. Our data suggest that the population, habitat and the species has sufficient potentials for its survival in the area, if protection from human predation is afforded to the species. HGG population is isolated into 7-8 subpopulations and is facing male-biased mortality, therefore is likely to face bottleneck effects and subsequent population crash ascribed to loss of males and genetic diversity. HGG population has a slow growth rate, attributable to internal species potentials and the natural predation of fawns/ sub-adults, which is difficult to be enhanced therefore range management strategy is suggested as management solution, with emphasis on protection from hunting, habitat management, mass awareness and supportive research. International cooperation is suggested as part of HGG population extends into Indian part of Himalayas, including Indian Kashmir.