To study the effect of row spacing and frequency of cuttings on spinach (Spinacia oleracea), an experiment was carried out at the Kitchen Gardening Training Center for Women at 61 JB Dharorh Faisalabad, Pakistan, during 2014. The experiment was laid out in Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with factorial arrangements having three replications with a plot size of 3 m × 6 m. This experiment was comprised of two factors, i.e. row spacing (Broadcast, 30 cm apart rows and 45 cm apart rows) and cutting frequency (45 days after sowing and 30 after the first cutting). The result showed that differences in row spacing have non-significant effects on plant height (cm), number of leaves, Fresh Biomass (kg/ha-1) and Dried Biomass (kg/ha-1). The broadcast method of sowing gave the prominent results in all the parameters, such as the maximum plant height of 25.49 (cm), maximum number of leaves at 37.8, maximum fresh biomass of 2252 (kg/ ha-1) and dried biomass of 217.95 (kg/ ha-1). However, the number of cuttings gave significant results for plant height (cm), fresh biomass (kg/ ha-1) and dried biomass (kg/ ha-1). 2nd cuttings showed a maximum plant height of 26.59 (cm), maximum fresh biomass of 2254.67(kg/ ha-1) and dried biomass of 222.6 (kg/ ha-1), but 1st cuttings showed the maximum number of leaves (36.56).