The experiments were conducted at Adaptive Research Farm Karor Lal Eason and farmers’ field, i.e. Mouza Nawan Kot, Tehsil Choubara during Rabi 2014-15. The purpose of the experiment was to evaluate the effect of different herbicides for the control of weeds on chick pea.Two pre-emergence herbicides with two different doses, viz. Pendimethalin330 EC @ 2500 ml ha-1 before sowing, Pendimethalin330 EC @ 3750 ml ha-1before sowing, Top Max 90% EC. (Metachlor 83% + Pendimethalin13%) @ 2250 ml ha-1 before sowing and TopMax 96% (Metachlor83% + 13%)@ 3350 ml ha-1, were tested. An untreated plot was also included in the experiment. Fertilizer application (Nitrogen, Phosphorus,and Potash) and Cultural practices were according to the departmental recommendations.Weed control efficacy was better with higher doses of pre-emergence herbicides, i.e.Pendimethalin330 EC @ 3750 ml ha-1 and Top Max 96% (Metachlor 83% + Pendimethalin13%) @ 3350 ml ha-1, as compared to lower doses of Pendimethalinand Top Max. It was also noted that high doses of pre-emergence herbicides increase number of branches per plant, number of pods/plant and grain yield.