Current study is intended to investigate the antimicrobial and antidiabetic potential of Bombax ceiba L. Antileishmanial potential was assessed via MTT colorimetric method while antifungal activities were found out through disc diffusion method. The antidiabetic potential was investigated by α-amylase inhibition assay. Considerable antifungal activity (in the range of 10-12 mm ZOI) was demonstrated by CH: M extracts of both flower and stem bark, and CH extract of root bark against A. niger Whereas M: EA, AC extracts of leaf, EA extract of stem bark, NH, CH:E, M:EA extracts of root bark and NH extract of root wood exhibited the antifungal potential (ZOI from 10-12 mm) against F. solani. The most potent α-amylase inhibitory activity was shown by EA extract of leaf part with 66.69 ± 0.95% inhibition (IC50 190 ± 4.5 µg/ml). Selected plant is a potential source of antileishmanial, antifungal and antidiabetic agents. This information can be further utilized for the purpose of bioactivity guided isolation of biologically active principles of B. ceiba L.