Current study intends to investigate the extraction yield, phytochemical analysis and antioxidant potential of selected plant by executing a wide range of in vitro assays. This was done to suggest the most proficient solvent system and plant part for isolation and purification of probable bioactive leads. The colorimetric estimation of total phenolic, flavonoid contents, total antioxidant capacity, total reducing power and free radical scavenging activity was done. The specific polyphenols were quantified by RP-HPLC analysis. The present findings proved acetone and methanol (AC:M) extract of root bark part as an enriched source of antioxidant phytochemicals. The highest amount of rutin was detected in methanol (M) extract of root bark i.e. 0.70 μg/mg DW followed by methanol (M) extract (0.52 μg/mg DW) of leaf. Bombax ceiba L. was found to be a reservoir of phytochemicals possessing antioxidant potential.