Genus Ficus belongs to family Moraceae having 40 genera and over 1000 species worldwide. Different methods have been used for phytochemical screening of medicinal plants like total phenolics content (TPC) and total flavonoids content (TFC) assays to quantify phenolics and flavonoids. The phytochemical analysis exhibited highest total phenolics content in M extract of stem and total flavonoids content in ethyl acetate (EA) extract of leaves i.e. 61.2±1.3 µg GAE/mg extract and 25.1±0.9 µg QE/mg extract respectively. Total reduction power and total antioxidant capacity were maximum in the M extract of stem i.e. 243.89±1.6 µg AAE/mg extract and 127.08±2.7 µg AAE/mg extract respectively.