Current study was intended to investigate the cytotoxic potential of Bombax ceiba L.by executing a wide range of in vitro assays. Brine shrimp lethality assay showed that stem wood’s chloroform (CH) extract was highly toxic (LC50 42.41 ± 3.40 µg/ml) followed by acetone : ethyl acetate (AC:EA) extract with LC50 value of 72.92 ± 4.41 µg/ml. n-Hexane (NH) extract of root wood part caused 70.95 ± 1.77% inhibition of THP-1 cell line at 20 μg/ml concentration (IC50 15 ± 0.56 µg/ml). NH and CH extracts of stem wood part showed promising results in protein kinase inhibitory assay with 21 ± 1.2 and 29 ± 1 mm bald ZOI (MIC= 50 µg/disc) respectively. The present findings revealed that CH and NH extracts of stem wood as well as root wood part as an enriched source of phytochemicals possessing cytotoxic potential.