Habitat destruction and anthropogenic activities cause wild birds to migrate towards urban areas in search of food and sometimes nesting in high-roof buildings, where they are caught by local people using different techniques and are further used for hunting or recreational purposes. An injured Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) was found entangled in bushes near the vicinity of Balkasar Research Complex, Chakwal, Pakistan. After complete physical examination, a wound on the right wing and closed leg fracture was diagnosed. The successful treatment was done by anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial drugs with careful monitoring. Splint was adjusted after aligning the fractured bones to regain their original position. The bird was fed with fresh meat soaked in a little quantity of water so that the water intake can be made sure. After complete recovery, the eagle was kept under observation for two weeks and then set free to breathe in the open atmosphere. The successful treatment and release of wild birds into their natural habitat in such cases can help in their population stability and conservation.