Water bugs fall under the order Hemiptera, suborder Heteroptera, which is further divided into two types, i.e., semi-aquatic (Gerromorpha) and true water bugs (Nepomorpha). They play a vital role as biological control agents and also a source of food for fishes, birds and other aquatic organisms. The present work was carried out to ascertain aquatic Hemiptera in different lentic and lotic water bodies of various sizes in Gujranwala district, Pakistan. A total of 10 species belonging to five families were identified. Species include Nepa ruber Linnaeus, Laccotrephes elongatus Montandon, Ranatra filiformis Fabricius (Nepidae), Corixa substriata Uhler, Micronecta proba Distant, Micronecta thyesta Distant (Corixidae), Lethocerus indicus Lepeletier, Diplonychus rusticus Fabricius (Belostomatidae), Ambrysus sp. (Naucoridae) and Anisops sardea Herrich-Schaffer (Notonectidae). A key at genera and species level was developed to help the future researchers.