Bears belong to the family Ursidae, under the order Carnivora with eight extant species (Grzimek, 2003). Roberts (1997) cite the presence of Himalayan brown bear, Himalayan black bear and Balochistan black bear in Pakistan. Dhirkot National Park (2008), Banjosa Nature Reserve (2009), Tolipir National Park (2008), Pir Chanasi National Park (2010) and Pir Lasura National Park (2009) were surveyed. A broad-spectrum investigation was conducted where the number of bears observed directly; pictures from surveillance cameras (Arc View GIS 3.3, 1992-2002) and at the same time indirect indicators such as bear scats, walking trails, paw prints and fur samples were noted for presence of bears. Only two types of bears, the Asiatic black bear and brown bear were reported from the study area. the Asiatic black bear was observed in four of the five study areas (Banjosa Nature Reserve, Dhirkot National Park, Tolipir National Park and Pir Chanasi National Park). Pir Chanasi had the highest numbers of bears observed while only four bears were reported from Dhirkot National Park. From the whole study site, seven brown bears were sighted only in Pir Chanasi National Park.