Birds and human interaction add harmful effects on conservation and behavior of bird. To develop a buffer between human activities and number of birds, a comprehensive study is necessary to assess the response of birds and their flight initiation distance. An experimental design was employed to record the bird’s response and their flight initiation distance, for 109 birds of Langh lake, Sindh. Fifty percent of passerine birds showed medium response towards disturbance and 39% of water birds showed high response toward disturbance. 13 species of family Scolopacidae were recorded during study and 84.62% species of this family showed high response which was the highest response recorded from all families of birds recorded during study. It indicated that maximum representatives of this family were very sensitive towards disturbance. During the study period a total of 131 bird species belonging to 14 orders were recorded from Langh lake. From identified species, order of Passeriformes was recorded the highest. Fifty percent of species recorded were resident, 35% were winter migrant, 9% were passage migrant and only 5% were summer migrant.