A quick visit of the protected forests of Banjosa, Dhirkot, Pir Chanasi, Pir Lassura and Tolipir was carried out. Berberidaceae belong to a family also known as the Barberry family (Elpel, n.d.). In Pakistan, there are 3 genera and 22 species belonging to this group (Jafri, n.d.). Species of this family are extensively cultivated due to their aesthetic and medicinal value. In the past, researchers would consider this family to get an idea about the habitat degradation of temperate areas. This study was aimed to produce a comprehensive list of species richness of this family in five National Parks of Pakistan. Overall three species from this family were observed in the study sites. The greatest diversity was seen in Banjosa Game Reserve. DNR, PLNP and TNP each reported only the presence of Berberis lycium. However, the constancy percentage of this species represented a good density. Using this data, further research may be conducted to ascertain the level of protection the National Parks have been able to afford this family and their surrounding biodiversity as an extension