A novel corona virus named as 2019 n-CoV was identified to be the actual cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness in Wuhan, China beginning in late December 2019. This respiratory disease was named as COVID-19 by WHO. There are many countries affected by COVID-19 including Pakistan. In this review we have provided a brief introduction of COVID-19 and discussed epidemiological and phylogenetic analysis of Pakistani novel corona virus strain. Our epidemiological analysis of data till 16th May 2020 showed rapidly increasing number of new cases, while at the same time a higher recovery rate than number of deaths in Pakistan. Moreover, phylogenetic analysis indicated that 2019-nCoV strain of Pakistan shared 100 % bootstrap value with various countries’ novel corona virus strains. Similarly, phylogenetic analysis was also conducted in comparison with SARS species to confirm our results. In this review, current knowledge of pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment of COVID-19 and comorbidities which could be helpful in offering novel understanding and possible therapeutic targets for fighting against the COVID-19 infection are discussed.