Darmalak Ali Kach Game Reserve (District Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan), has variety of habitats. Field survey was conducted using count method; block method etc. The total number of individuals counted during study was 528. Shannon-Wiener Diversity Index was 3.195 which indicate a high level of biodiversity. The highest number of each bird species observed and data was tabulated and statistical analysis was carried out using Microsoft Excel sheets. Relative Abundance of bird species was also calculated along with species evenness, richness and Shannon-Wiener Diversity Index. During the present survey 27 bird species, belonging to 8 orders and 15 families, were recorded. Out of these, 15 bird species were resident, 5 winter visitors and 6 summer breeders. The present report represents a preliminary data on the avifauna diversity of this game reserve, with the hope that the information will be used in the development of a working plan for the reserve.



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