The present study was conducted to study diversity and damage assessment of snails in cultivated crops and ornamental plants. The study revealed two types of snail species Macrochlamys indica and Indoplanorbis exustus in the study area. The sampled plots of tomato, Karam, Palak, Dhania, Maize, Fresh beans, Sunflowers, Aloe Vera, Loki, Pumpkin, Bitter guard, Kheera, Kachmach, Hund were taken. The study revealed that at Neelabut, when 39 plants of Fresh beans were examined out of them 18 were found damaged and the damage percentage was 46%, 38 plants of sunflowers were examined and 17 (45%) were found damaged, 85 plants of tomato were examined and 11 (12.94%) were found damaged, 82 plants of Karam were examined and 12 ( 15%) were found damaged, 62 plants of Palak were examined and 16 (25%) were found damaged, 51 plants of maize were examined and 15 (29%) were found damaged. The snail is pest in the study area and measures should be taken to manage them through ecofriendly programs.