The spatial and temporal variation patterns of birds were investigated in the Oasis ecosystem of the North of Algeria Sahara. This contribution aimed to investigate the poorly studied bird fauna of Bousaâda oasis. The direct observation method was used for bird counts, adopted only during the breeding period. A total of 53 species of birds from 29 families and 16 orders were assessed in the different habitats of the Oasis (palm, fruit trees and, cultivated crops). The Passeriformes order was the most abundant represented by 35 species and 16 families. The relative abundance and species richness were recorded during our study period over different seasons and thought that whole surveyed stations represent all the oasis habitats. The Boussaâda oasis holds 18 resident-breeder species and is a transit zone for many migratory birds 14 and 10 species for summer and winter migrants respectively) and11 occasional visitor ones. These results confirmed the positive effects of stations and seasons on the richness and abundance of birds of Bousaâda oasis.