The focus of present study was to find the phytosociology, distribution pattern, and diversity of different species of trees associated with traditional agroforestry in the district of Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Data was collected through quadrat survey method. A total of fifty quadrats of the size (10x10m) each were thrown randomly in agriculture fields. Total 26 tree species belonging to 16 families and 21 genera were encountered in the agricultural fields with Grewia optiva, Pyrus persica and Celtis australis being the tree species in dominance. The most dense species of tree recorded was Grewia optiva with a density value of 3.88 tree/ha which was followed by Pyrus persica with a density of 3.74 tree/ha. Buxus wallichiana was the least dense species recorded (0.82 tree/ha). The study revealed that the area has vast potential sites for the plantation of various agroforestry related tree species to solve the problems of fuel, fodder and timber.