The main aim of our work was to investigate the breeding parameters in three orchard types in Algeria (apple, cherry and nectarine) for better conservation of existing species. A total of 149 active Turtle dove nests were monitored in these man–made agro-systems. Egg laying occurred from early May and continued until mid-August. Egg laying started later in cherry trees and stopped earlier in nectarines. Nest density was higher in apple orchards. Nests were located higher in nectarine. Clutch size was similar among orchard types. Northeast was the dominant orientation in all orchards. Breeding success was higher than that recorded in former studies. Desertion was the main cause of nest failure. The apple orchards are the preferred breeding area for turtle dove in this region.



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Received: Dec 25, 2021; Accepted: Jan 10, 2021; Published: April 23, 2021

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Fig.1. Location of the study area: (North-est Algeria)