Food-borne diseases are the group of disorders that are caused by consuming food having microbial existence in it. So safe food handling is to make sure the lessening of detrimental effects in growth to the packaging of food to minimize health issues on consumers which otherwise can lead to large scale disease outburst. This review concludes the findings of the studies on how food is being handled from farm to fork, how airlines are contributing towards the spreading of diseases, how any negligence in any one of the steps can cause havoc to mankind in the light of the recent coronavirus pandemic. This review suggests the methods for the detection of food-borne viruses and the challenges for the regulation of zoonotic outbursts. This review recommends strict regulation, updating of the food handling policies, and ways to control emerging infectious diseases in relation to food.



Article History

Received: Jan 11, 2021; Accepted: Feb 22, 2021; Published: April 23, 2021