The poor quality of cow dung in Ghana resulting from the opportunistic feeding mode of cattle impedes its adoption due to high quantities needed for application. This calls for nutrient optimization of cattle manure with inexpensive locally available sources of organic inputs that could enhance its quality. Though large volumes of crop residues and other agro-wastes are produced on-farm, they are underutilized and mostly a nuisance. Major food crops take approximately, 44 %, 42 % and 56 % of the total nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), respectively and are found in crop residues. There is therefore the need to develop appropriate technologies for utilizing agro-wastes by transforming them into useful “resources” with potentially available plant macro and micronutrients. Common agro-wastes in Ghana include cocoa pod husk (CPH), palm kernel cake (PKC), cattle manure (CM) and poultry manure. Hence, this review sought to explore the use of crop residues and agro-minerals to improve the quality of manure and consequently its fertilizer value for soil fertility improvement and increased crop yield. The review presented an assessment of resource potentials of some crop residues and local agro-mineral as a means of enhancing the quality of CM. Using published data, the review has identified that PKC, rock phosphate (RP) and CPH have high potential for improving the N, P and K contents of CM, respectively. In conclusion, it recommends the need to extensively explore the potential of other commonly available organic resource materials for their efficacy to improve the fertilizer value of cattle manure.



Article History

Received: May 24, 2021; Accepted: June 22, 2021; Published: August 26, 2021