Lithium is a relevant mood-stabilizing agent that is used in the management of depressive and manic episodes in bipolar, disorder; however, its application may cause diverse side effects including oxidative stress. This work investigated the neuroprotective and anti-stress activity of Ulva lactuca extract (MEUL) against lithium induced neuronal toxicity in rats. Lithium (2 g/kg) was administered in diets with or without MEUL (250 mg/kg BW by gavage) for 90 days. Lithium induced oxidative stress lead to an elevation in lipid peroxidation and oxidation protein product levels, a reduced superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase activities, glutathione, and ascorbic acid concentrations in brain. The level of brush border enzymes (Ca2+ATPase, Mg2+ATPase) and acetylcholinesterase activity was reduced after lithium treatment. Histopathological observations confirmed these results. Open field and elevated plus maze behavioral tests showed an impaired recognition memory. Treatment with MEUL alleviated neurobehavioral alterations, attenuated oxidative stress markers and restored these biological parameters to normal standards, as well as a histological improvement. Ulva lactuca extract offers neuroprotection, against lithium-induced behavioral and oxidative brain damages.

Article History

Received: June 07, 2021; Accepted: Aug 21, 2021; Published: Dec 31, 2021