The cedar forests in Algeria represent a model of forests very rich in entomological fauna and especially dictyopterans, notably blattopterans. In the cedar forest of Chelia in the Aurès Mountains, we chose three different sites according to altitude (2020 m, 1920 m, 1820 m) in order to collect existing cockroaches using the sight-hunting method (twice a month). The inventory allowed us to capture more than 1220 cockroaches and we were able to identify three genus (Dziriblatta, Phyllodromica ,Loboptera) and seven species: Dziriblatta stenoptera, Dziriblatta nigrivintris, Phyllodromica zebra, Pyllodromica trivittata, Phyllodromica sp, Loboptera angulata, Loboptera alluaudi, of which Dziriblatta nigrivintris is the most abundant species with a rate of 52.05 % .The results show that the distribution of these species in the diffrent sites in Chelia cedar is controlled by a several natural factors such as (temperature, altitude …etc) .

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Received: June 19, 2021; Accepted: Aug 06, 2021; Published: Dec 31, 2021

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