Genetic studies through molecular markers proved important to find out the genetic diversity of canola. In this study, 50 lines of canola were used to find the polymorphism using 15 SSR primers and investigated the genetic diversity, PIC values, frequency-based genetic distance, and allelic frequencies. Mean gene diversity, frequency-based genetic distance, and PIC values were 0.8777, 0.233 and 0.8666, respectively for the canola lines. A good range of genetic diversity was found among studied canola lines with value 85.91% polymorphism. Maximum and minimum genetic distances among 50 lines were 1 and 0.26, respectively. Accessions ACC-26068, ACC-24241, ACC-24244, ACC-24233, ACC-24423 and ACC-24224 have maximum genetic distance. Accessions ACC-24879 and ACC-24169 had minimum genetic distance i.e., 0.26. Dendrogram based on genetic distances showed four main clusters that were further dividing into several sub-clusters. The primers utilized in the present study, were valuable to identify different accessions of canola to find the variability present. This variability will be helpful to initiate the breeding program with their molecular genetic basis.



Article History

Received: June 7, 2021; Accepted: June 30, 2021; Published: Oct 28, 2021