This work examined the reproductive phenology of the Sardinian warbler (Sylvia melanocephala melanocephala) in North-eastern Algeria, which is its main geographical nesting area. Twenty-eight (28) nests were studied during two successive seasons (2016 and 2017). The results obtained in this study confirm that the nests were constructed at an average height of (01.97±01.04 m) from the ground. The laying period lasted eight (08) weeks (mid-March to the beginning of the second week of May), so fifty-four (54) days. The mean clutch size is (4.14±0.97) eggs per brood. The recorder traits were previously observed in European populations. The average of hatching success was (47.38 %) and mean reproductive success (45.24 %) were relatively low compared to European populations.

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Received: Sep 20, 2021; Accepted: April 29, 2022; Published: June 15, 2022

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