The COVID-19 crisis in 2019 significantly impacted human life all over the globe. Psychological health of general population has been affected by the unpredictable circumstances and impulsion of living in isolation, if suspected positive for coronavirus. During COVID-19 outbreak, escalation of various types of psychosocial distresses such as anxiety, sleep disorders and depression has been observed in the general population globally. Thus, there is an urgent need to combat these issues through well planned strategies. The focus of this review is to conduct a thorough evaluation of the available research on the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the mental status of the general population of Pakistan. We also focused on the psychosocial impact of lockdown on the general community and the significance of protective and risk variables in the development of mental conditions in susceptible groups of population. The review further evaluates the strategies which can be employed to minimize the negative impact of COVID-19-related stress and improve the mental wellbeing of general community in Pakistan by highlighting the significant repercussions of existing research studies.

Article History

Received: June 23, 2021; Accepted: July 28, 2021; Published: June 15, 2022