Toshi Shasha Community Game Reserve Chitral is located in dry temperate forest of Hindu Kush Mountains. Among the key parameters for assessing habitat effectiveness include plant abundance, density and frequency. Resultantly, plant abundance, densities and frequencies of woody plants were estimated. A total of 50 sampling plots 10 m X 10 m were laid down covering different altitudes. The Toshi Shasha community game reserve Chitral is well known for its diverse flora and fauna that harboring the near threatened markhor (Capar falconeri falconeri). We found occurrence of 11 woody plant species with abundance 165 over an area of 0.5 hectare in the elevation ranged between 1554 to 2614 m. Out of the 11 species occurred Sophora mollis was the dominant species with abundance 93. The density of this species was recorded as 180 per hectare and the frequency observed was 242. The second dominant species was Pistacia integerrima with abundance 13, density 26, and frequency 34. The third dominant species was Artemisia brevifolia with abundance 11, density 22, and frequency 29. However, the abundance of the remaining 8 species ranged between 3 to 5, density 8 to 20, and frequency 9 to 26. The basic data will be used in future interventions for habitat maintenance in the reserve.

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Received: June 29, 2022; Accepted: Oct 04, 2022; Published: Dec 31, 2022

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