The study of fish growth is a valuable tool in providing good understanding on the general biology and growth of fish populations, in addition to the comparison of the same fish species populations living in remote geographic areas. Thus, the present work was designed to study the age and growth of Abramis brama species newly introduced in Beni-Haroun dam (Mila department, Northeast Algeria). Here, the study was conducted on sampling of 141 individuals from July 2015 to October 2016. The age of fishes was determined according to scalimetric method, since the fish sex was determined by macroscopic method, showing that the number of females is higher (97) than that of males (44). The growth study was performed according to the mathematical method of Von Bertalanffy (1938). Based on the results of the growth parameters (L∞=40 cm; K= 0.27; t0=0.55; Ø’= 2.49. Males L∞= 35.26 cm; K = 0.32; t0= -0.49; Ø’= 2.59, combined sexes L∞=40cm; K= 0.31; t0=-0.49 years, and Ø’ = 2.69), Abramis brama can live up to five years. Moreover, the evolution of total fish weights in function of their size reveals a minor allometry (b<3) (with and without distinction of sex), while the other obtained values provide good fits to Von Bertalanffy growth model.

Article History

Received: April 05, 2022; Accepted: July 13, 2022; Published: Dec 17, 2022