We analyzed fluctuations in of small mammals’ biodiversity through the winter diet of the common genet Genetta genetta (Linnaeus, 1958), to deduce the predator - adopted strategy according to the habitat conditions in which it occurs, particularly in anthropogenic environments. The field sampling was conducted during the 2020 winter season, in two contrasting environments of the Edough mountain range: natural site (Ain Boukal), and anthropized site (Bouzizi landfill). The analysis of 30 collected excrements in each of the two sites, allowed us to identify different food categories including small mammals. The result shows that the common genet is an excellent sampler of small mammals by consuming at least four taxonomic genera. The results also show that despite that the genet is a generalist predator with a wide food spectrum, the results show that it had exercised a selectivity on small mammals, preferentially on genera Apodemus which was abundant in the natural habitat. However, in the anthropized habitats, the genet was opportunistic feeding on waste and abundant small mammals, mainly for the genera Rattus.

Article History

Received: May 18, 2022; Accepted: Sep 12, 2022; Published: Dec 17, 2022