Boalia Khal is one of the important tributaries of the River Halda. The productivity of the Boalia Khal tributary of the Halda River mainly depends on the phytoplankton diversity. A study was conducted for two years period from January 2017 to December 2018 to identify the phytoplankton community of the Boalia Khal tributary. A total of 61 species of phytoplankton under 37 genera belonging to 8 classes were recorded. The dominant group of phytoplankton was 25 species of Diatoms (40.98 %) followed by 18 species of Green Algae (29.5 %), 9 species of Euglenophytes (14.75 %), 7 species of Blue Green Algae (11.48 %), and 2 species of Dinoflagellates (3.28 %). Therefore, the Boalia Khal is a productive ecosystem with a diverse group of phytoplankton species.

Article History

Received: Jan 29, 2022; Accepted: Dec 05, 2022; Published: Dec 17, 2022