Director: Amit Sheth

The Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-Enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis) at the Wright State University performs world-class research on moving from information to meaning, towards the vision of Computing for Human Experience. The well-funded center consists of 13 labs and approximately 100 multidisciplinary researchers, including 15 faculty and more than 50 Ph.D. students from Computer Science (incl. ML/NLP/IR/KR/DB/data mining/bioinformatics/visualization), Biomedical Sciences and Health Informatics, and the Cognitive Sciences. The current focus is on Web 3.0 topics including Semantic/Social/Sensor Webs, Web of Things, and Ubiquitous-Mobile-Cloud Computing, with varied applications such as disaster management and diplomacy (social media based emergency coordination, water diplomacy), e-Sciences with focus on health care and life sciences (metabolomics, human parasite research, extra-medical use of pain killers, reducing hospital readmissions, cardiology data mining, and literature based knowledge discovery) and defense/intelligence (war fighter situational awareness, socio-cultural-behavioral analysis, human effectiveness). In addition to competitive federal funds (NIH/NSF/AFOSR/AFRL, etc), its faculty members have recent innovation, challenge, or faculty awards from MSR, IBM Research, Google, and HP Labs, and maintain strong industry collaborations. Kno.e.sis’ outcomes have made the university among the top in WWW, and its graduates highly sought after and successful.


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